By Ali Moss

Getting through the Whole30 and maintaining a whole-food based diet means putting more effort into your meal prep. The days of store bought sauces and dressings are gone. They usually contain sugar or its evil cousin high fructose corn syrup. But if you're anything like me, you don't stand a chance without sauces, textures and the at least once daily, lick-your-plate-clean delicious meal.

  • Nut Pods- David, as you will surely soon learn, is a creature of habit in the most inflexible, passive aggressive, annoyi... (shoot, I almost went on a tangent there. Love ya, babe!) For as long as I have known him and surly his entire adult life before, his coffee was prepared as follows: Large, DRY, iced Americano with... 1.8ish packs of Splenda and half n half so that his coffee is a caramel brown, not burnt caramel but not too light either... Anyway, THAT guy now uses only Hazelnut Nutpods in his coffee and is happy. 'Nuff said...
  • Grass Fed Ghee- I'm obsessed with this brand 4th & Heart. They have a few different flavors and their website has some really amazing recipes. I use the Himalayan Sea Salt Ghee and Coconut oil to make my bomb dot com Sweet Potato Hash and Eggs (Recipe coming soon!). Speaking of coconut oil... coconut oil.
  • Coconut Oil- Did I mention coconut oil? Gives depth of flavor and is especially good for Asian or Indian flavors. Plus it's like really good for everything, making it natures over achiever. I get the organic extra virgin one from Trader Joes.
  • Coconut Amino Acids- GAME CHANGER Again, coconut saves the day! Not to be confused with Braggs aminos, which tastes like soy sauce that has turned, this miracle from the tropical gods is derived from coconut tree sap and tastes like sweet soy sauce but with a fraction of the sodium and, of course, no sugar or soy! If you're an Asian food loving foodie, this will most def be your jam. Let your tacky flag fly and pop a little container of this nectar from heaven into your purse. Bust that bad boy out at Katsu-Ya and use it as a dipping sauce for your spicy tuna rolls (no rice).
  • Tahini- Of all the cuisines, Mediterranean has become my go-to. There are so many Whole30 compliant Mediterranean options that don't require tweaking. Tahini has become such regular player in my kitchen that I may actually start to bleed tahini... but it's cool. Aside from traditionally Med dishes, I discovered that tahini is an amazing addition to my Asian recipes. Mix it with some coconut amino acid and thin with a bit of water to make an amazing creamy sesame dressing.
  • Maille Dijon Mustard-  Besides its superiority in flavor, this brand is the only Dijon Mustards I could find that did not list white wine as an ingredient. (I told you I was a research junkie!) My shallot & tarragon vinaigrette (recipe soon!) thanks you, Maille Moutarde people...




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