The thought of grilled boneless, skinless chicken for dinner (again) probably does not induce epic levels of excitement and anticipation for chow time. Many a feeble attempt at cooking this mainstay of "clean eating" resulted in a leather-like crust formation that required a saw and a strong jaw to power through.

That was until I discovered that attempting to grill a whole BSCB (boneless, skinless chicken breast) would be in vain, regardless of the marinade. It simply takes too long to cook through and without the protective skin (fat) coating, leather would ensue. It was then that I had revelation #1- You need to pound your chicken breast with a meat tenderizer or buy cutlets because Thinner chicken = less cooking time= not leathery skin. Hello game changer! If you want to understand the science of the pesky, dry breast, I'm quite the disciple of this guy.

Ironically after freeing my chicken from wandering the desert for all those years, it was in the desert that I would find the holy grail of chicken... Sadaf Chicken Kabob Seasoning. This Persian gift to the world is the most delicious discovery in my household and a weekly staple. There aren't artificial ingredients or chemicals. It's just a blend of spices... 

Since I live in an area with a large Orthodox Jewish community near by, they carry the entire Sadaf line at the local Kosher Market. They also sell chicken breast already pounded, so perhaps inquire with your butcher if this is an option for you too since it's a time saver and requires less  chicken fondling! I always make about 3 lbs. at a time and eat it over a salad for lunch or impulsive bites from the fridge throughout the day (and sometimes night). This Recipe is for 1.5 lbs but you may want to double it.

Serve with Easy Breezy Cabbage Slaw and Chopped Tomato and Cucumber Salad. Top with store-bought tahini sauce or hummus.

COOK- 5 Minutes          PREP TIME- 10 min          SERVES- 4 or 5


1.5 lbs pounded boneless skinless chicken breast (about 1/2-3/4 inch)

1/2 lemon

2 tblsp extra virgin oilve oil or grapeseed oil

1 package Sadaf chicken kabob seasoning 



1) Preheat grill high and hot (about 450 degrees)

2) Lay chicken breasts on a cookie sheet and generously season both sides with kabob seasoning. 

3) Transfer to a large ziplock bag 

4) Squeeze half of a lemon and add olive oil to ziplock, close bag and massage ingredients to blend and evenly coat chicken. 

5) Marinate for at least 15 min and up to 2 hours.

6) Grill on hot grill for 2-2.5 min on each side

7) Remove from grill and tent with foil until serving 

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